We are committed to the highest standards of quality.

Aaron Engineering Services (established in 1992) is an independently owned testing, adjusting and balancing company, supervised and operated by experienced degreed mechanical engineers.

Experienced Engineering Staff

Over 150 years of accumulated experience.

Our Projects

Thousands of projects involving testing, adjusting, and balancing that have been completed since 1992 not including projects smaller than 8000 cfm supply capacity.

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing is performed by experienced, skilled, analytical mechanical engineers, and technicians.

Direct involvement

Direct involvement, if required, in assisting consulting engineers to system design improvements, systems analysis and trouble shooting.

Complete systems analysis by qualified engineers

Complete systems analysis by qualified engineers to trouble shoot, and correct systems deficiency (if any) DURING TAB work, and BEFORE issuing final report.

Daily progress report

Daily progress report of testing and balancing progress and systems deficiencies (if any) are submitted to project management, mechanical contractor, and or control contractor.

Direct response and feedback to customers

All of our testing and balancing staff and office staff are available and can be contacted directly by mobile telephones.


Although we maintain constant interaction with our clients regarding daily construction progress, we also attend meetings that are conducted by the owner, general contractors, mechanical contractors and or commissioning agents. Meeting serve as a venue to review project progress and assist with resolving outstanding issues encountered since last meeting.